Monday, May 29, 2023

Happy Homemaker Monday: May 29, 2023

 Good morning! This weekend has been nonstop rain (but I did get enough of a reprieve in it to go for a run last night). I reckon it's good for the garden, not so great for my migraines. But, I've persevered. Got through both girls' birthdays and now I don't have to think about birthdays again until September, with Gabe. I'm giving myself a late start and maybe I'll even get to hang out with a friend later. Let's hope! And let's get on with Happy Homemaker Monday!

The weather: Lots of rain chances. 60's and 70's. Perfection. 

As I look outside my window: Cloudy but I don't think it's raining at this moment, which is great. My sinuses and head could use a break. Everything is green and thriving. My peonies are soooooo close. 

Right now I am: Debating breakfast (Ella made cinnamon rolls), typing up this post, and discussing Squishmallows and how they shouldn't get wet with Goose. She wants to take her new toy to errand-run, and I'm telling her it's not a great idea. 

Thinking and pondering: Planting season. Things at the B&B. The fact that laundry is neverending. Social media breaks are nice. It's a jumble, really. 

Listening to: Tall Heights and Goose singing along with it. The song is "Spirit Cold". The clack of the keyboard. 

How I am feeling: Good, a little tired. I guess that means more rain is on its way. 

On the breakfast plate: Either a cinnamon roll or leftover rotini. I'm leaning toward the rotini, honestly. Too much sweet for breakfast tends to make me sick. 

On the lunch plate: Maybe that cinnamon roll? Maybe nothing. Depends on how much I have to do at work. 

On the dinner plate: Sausage, Veggies, and Rice. Maybe I'll grab an extra salad if I get to hang out with a friend. 

What I'm wearing: A black and violet summer dress. I've decided I'm resurrecting the floral dress trend simply because I can. 

On my reading pile: My Bible, a book on propagating plants and Gardening in the Carolinas. I need to pick a novel and maybe I'll get to do that later. 

On my TV this week: Not sure. I finished "The Girl from Nowhere" and it is definitely the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I think I need a TV break to decompress. Maybe I'll create some art. Maybe I'll garden. Maybe I'll do both. 

Looking around the house: It's softly lit, and it's quiet. Goose is playing quietly. My little houseplants are thriving. All is right in my little world. 

On the menu:

Monday: Sausage, Veggies, and Rice

Tuesday: Turkey Stroganoff, Egg Noodles 

Wednesday: Hamburger Gravy, Mashed Potatoes 

Thursday: Chicken Fried Rice (of the Hamburger Helper variety)

Friday: Zuppa Toscana

Saturday: Beef tips and gravy, Roasted potatoes (or noodles) 

Sunday: Chicken gnocchi skillet 

To do list: This post. Some work. Laundry. Gardening. 

From the camera: 

My youngest, affectionately known as Goose, turned 6 yesterday. It was a pretty big deal :)

Devotional: Reading today about close fellowship with Christ and it hit a nerve. I think I need to lean into devotions more, even if it means waking up earlier or shifting priorities. 

Have a beautiful week!


  1. Aw, great birthday picture! Did she get a squishmallow for her birthday? Those are so fun, the preschool kids bring them for rest sometimes. I'm an adult and I kind of want one. Never thought about them getting wet though. Strange how different areas things bloom, our peonies bloomed last week or the week before and are just about done. I'd have thought your area would be before ours. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Your menu sounds great and your girl is beautiful! I hope she had an amazing birthday! I can't keep plants alive to save my life! I have a snake plant that has made it somehow, but I hear they are hard to kill lol. My son has a cactus, he got it after the new cat ate his shamrock and he knew he wouldn't eat that lol. He's got a green thumb way more than me! Have a wonderful week! Hope you get some days of dryness!

  3. Happy birthday to your girl. Have a great week

  4. Hello my Lovely! Happy birthday to both of your girlies again. May this year ahead shower them with abundant blessings. 💕 And it's started raining here too and I'm thrilled because of my allergies too. Calm everything down! Let's hear it for floral dresses! (I do lots of skirts and t-shirts too) my fave. ;) I hope you have very blessed rest of your week. xo


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